Yeah, well, after 10 years or so

Yeah, well after 10 or so years of painting - getting more and more intensive (age 23 - 33) - I stopped in '93 (big personal upheaval) and only started again in 2008 - inspired by seeing JoLoMo's paintings on the internet - such fun - so free + so much other stuff on the net.

"Interesting", oil on wood panel from the hardware store - "interesting" because it makes me think "What if.." I did this or this or this or this..... yeah, right

Between 90 and 93 I did a lot of "paintouts" (= painting in the street festivals/competitions) - that was wonderful. I was using acrylics at the time and I still like them - maybe I should check out e.g. Golden Opens etc. to see if they have the richness to be used as well as oils. I've got Old Holland acrylics and they're expensive, but still don't work as well as oils - it's a pity because you can do nice things with acrylics. I often use them for the my underpainting.

Anyway, I'm searching to transcend myself, discover something within or without myself (who knows?) – produce a painting inspired by the “muse" (“Wow, did I paint that?” - no, it's come from somewhere beyond (or so deep inside me) I wasn't aware) – Picasso so wrong when he said “I do not seek, I discover?hmm was that it – not so good then??. And, it is the works that matter – e.g. Michaelangelo?sp?/Van Gogh – not the artist – the artist becomes subsidiary, irrevelant even, to the work - it's a gift to others (to humanity in high faultin' terms) – and that's the point – to share/give to others – even if ego were necessary – 'tis not the goal – Nick Simmons comment on people working against others so true. At base it is “just for fun”; at the highest level (Levitan is my current fav.) the artist is irrelevant – they have provided a universal experience...


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