2011 - onward!

Like I said in an earlier post - there's so much interesting info. out there (especially on the net!) - and not just on painting! I'm suffering a bit from information overload.

Sometimes, when I think of my painting and try to get a vision of where I'd like to go, I ask myself "what two large paintings would you really like to see hanging in your living room?" - actually, it's the latest ones I"m working on - but seeing as I have no idea why my stuff ain't working/what I want to do - it's easier to take painters I love as potential examples - Monet? Klasen? Cut-out paper to make collage shapes, marker pen bold, wispy melting? - the latter being styles - style is supposed to develop naturally, hmmm.  Before - back in the 80s/90s - the answer was simple - Michel de Gallard (there's no point looking him up and passing judgement - when you really love something, for whatever strange reason, it's beyond critique).

Once, back then, knowing Michel de Gallard was represented by Galerie de la Présidence, rue Faubourg St Honore (!) - he died recently but is stll represented by them - anyway, I went in just to see the paintings in "the flesh" - the lady was very nice indeed - she could see I loved him - and wanted to sell me one (starting at 700 pounds for a small one! - it'd have been double that for a big one of the kind I liked - no chance - art collecting is for the affluent!)

Now, it'd be, say, a painting by Marx Delassio and Karin Jurick - but what keeps coming in to my mind is that, when I was younger (so much younger than today, heh, heh), I was above all searching for what I call a concept - which I guess is a combination of an original style and "meaningful" content - and as I get more and more into drawing - the graphic possibilities of it, the more it seems to me that I was right back then and that drawing is taking me towards something with potential. The questions for 2011 are, 'Has my 'painting' stalled because of a lack of drawing skills?", and, "Where will this new pleasure take me?"...

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