The Poets I - Michel de Gallard

As I've already said (- about three times! ;) )  when I was at university I bought two big posters of Michel De Gallard paintings for the wall. This was in the 70s and there were repros of his stuff everywhere - coffee mug mats and all - you still come across them from time to time!

 Those two posters represented a dream of living in France. They also taught me the sensuous delight of application of paint to a canvas (though I personally spend most of my time sweating and swearing :(    )

He died fairly recently.

At the start of the 90s I visited Galerie de la Présidence to view his work 'in the flesh'. The lady was really nice - she could see I loved his stuff and really wanted me to have one. He lived twords Auxerre or somewhere like that. The only question that remains is, why didn't I jump in the car and go and visit him?

This is not our world, it is our world re-invented...


Meanwhile, back at the ranch.. ... Three paintings - three versions of the same damn thing - one in acrylics, two in oil. I am now worn out (and they are far from finished, where's the sander?)


  1. Hello,

    My name is Riemer Heinen from the Netherlands.
    Lately I bought a large print of M. de Gallard.
    But I can not find it in all there is to find about Michel on the internet. Maybe there is a picture of the painting in your book.
    I like to sent you an image to compare with those in your book. Or maybe you know another road to the answer on my question.

    My email-address is heinen@home.nl

    Sorry for this strange way to contact you.

    Kind regards
    Riemer Heinen

  2. Hi, Reimer. I love Michel de Gallard's paintings - like I said I had 2/3 posters by him in the 70's - but I have lost them. I have a book in Japanese on him with some 20/30 photos of his paintings - which I purchased from 'Galerie de la Présidence' in Paris - which represents him. He died about a decade ago I think. For buying/selling originals you'd have to contact them. I'm just an admirer of his work. Cheers Jon

  3. PS My book has a few paintings in it, but a lot of his work belongs to private collectors and cannot be found on the internet/for publc viewing - including my favorite piece of his - even though they made a poster of it!

  4. Thanks for the quick answer.
    Allready sent a mail to the Galerie in Paris.
    Still no response, but waiting.

    Like to sent you by mail my jpg.
    Can not enclose it in this conversation.

    Maybe it is also one of the posters you had.

    Kind regards
    Riemer Heinen