All these little coincidences

Here's one of them - Matt Innes had an ‘Identify the painting’ competition over on his blog, ‘Underpaintings’ – one of the paintings really spoke to my heart – probably by Bastien Lepage, I thought.

When he gave out the answers, the artist turned out to be an artist I’d never heard of, Daniel Ridgway Knight, and the painting’s title “Hailing the ferry”

– as I looked him up/checked him out (interesting) I found he was an American who lived and worked in France. One of the major reasons his painting appealed to me was the river in it – it reminded me of my rambles all over the area north of Paris – and especially of the hotel perched on an escarpment overlooking the river (Seine) where Sylviane and Thierry had their wedding party – I thought it was such a great place http://www.domainedelacorniche.com/ - then I read that this village – Rolleboise- was the village he lived and worked in! Such strange little coincidences – serendipity – these threads crossing….

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