Yep, following Stapleton Kearn's comment that the people in his workshops have, above all, drawing problems (and Richard Schmid said the same thing), unless they had done some 'cast' drawing, I'm busy drawing  - there's a number of approaches - or usually some combination thereof:

measuring (using a rod or dividers, etc.) (either absolute, relative or based on a unit (e.g. the head))
sight-size - often combined with a measuring technique and a centerline (plumbline)
geometric forms
bounding envelope

That's some of the approaches to establish placement on the surface and the general proportions - which are checked/found using plumblines/lines of alignment - after that on to the quality of the line, the details, and drawing per se. "Drawing is not for the impatient" - that's my problem

From Wikipedia: Among the artists whose work is based on the study of Bargue's platework, is Vincent van Gogh who copied the complete set in 1880/1881, and (at least a part of it) again in 1890

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