Drawing in oils

Quite a few of the Bargue drawings have huge areas of shadow - which would be OK to do in charcoal - a nice painterly medium - and which the originals were done - but the big darks are a real, real pain in pencil. It's funny, in the book Ackerman says they should be done in charcoal, but that charcoal is too difficult for beginners - who would need tuition - don't know why he didn't add a little guide to using it! Anyway, it dawned on me that drawing in paint (monochromatic) would be very instructive and useful - I did the one above - and it was certainly more enjoyable. Must do some more like this.

What I'm going to do now is a Prud'hon copy - using the info. from Rebecca Alzofon's excellent site. Love Prud'hon -interesting life he had, too!