Tête de femme romaine

Roman woman's head from Bargue part 2 - pleased with that - but generally struggling - not sure which/how many reference axes and construction lines to use and how to implement sight-size/measuring techniques - I should write a discussion on this - no time just now.

I tend to follow Bargue's constructs - but even if I develop my eye - afterwards you'd have to be able to abstract to get a "construct"! Well, Ill keep going - I'm on plate 34 in fact - reckon on doing up to about plate 60, then doing about 4 - 8 plates from part 2, then do some from part 3 (outline figure studies) in  red/white carbothello pastel pencils as in the Maugham (spelling?) book. Thus idea inspired by trailers for Robert Liberace's instructional DVDs - really inspirational! Think I'll order the Maughan book and the Tony Ryder book. Funny how I'm getting into portraits/figure. Some of these ideas also come from two French blogs I've found http://blog.art-dessins.fr/ (I really like her drawings of factories) and http://artistes-lorrains.forumactif.net/forum.htm - thanks to Miro and Yann!. I should do my blog in bilingual., arrghh time....


  1. Hi Patti! - thanks for stopping by - I'm enjoying drawing immensely