Another 2 Bargue drawings

I've done so many of these! 4 months at 2 hrs + a day! It seems to be beneficial - but maybe not in the way I imagined! Things I feel I've learned (for me):

1) Dedication, motivation, discipline (these drawings take time and I need to take breaks)

2) Draw standing up and on a vertical drawing board
3) Strive for perfection,  lines can be (and should be) erased, even if it's only to improve their quality
4) Observe: draw what you see, not what you think you know
5) The proportions must be pretty accurate. It's essential for a credible result.
6) There will be moments where it seems it's not going to work. If I do my best, it's not usually a total failure


  1. Great tips and what dedication!! I am learning too that getting better takes lots of time. And I'm having fun doing it!

  2. Hi Karla! Yeah it's got to be fun - that's where the dedication comes from - my motto is "the journey IS the destination"!

  3. Ah !! Les voilà ces dessins de Bargue ! :D

  4. Salut Miro - j'en des quantités industrielles - ça fait partie de moi maintenant - comme tout gros effort! Ce n'est pas dit que je ne recommence pas le livre.... !!!