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I also like the Kevin MacPherson book, "Fill your oil paintings with light and color" – when I first read it I was disappointed – it seemed too brief and simple – but it's stayed in my mind a lot.

Some sections of 2 books from an earlier era, Harold Speed's classics, "Oil painting techniques and materials" and "The practice and science of drawing" are a good read – if you have time – I think maybe these can be downloaded from the net.

An out-of-print book I really like – Foster Caddell's "Keys to Successful Color" (recommended by Stapleton Kearns),
I also enjoyed "Gruppe on painting" - available from the Rockport Art Association
Edgar Payne's "Composition of outdoor painting" didn't do much for me (this could change – when you go back over books they sometimes are more rewarding)
Carlson's "Guide to landscape painting is worth reading – short, simple, solid

I did not like (to be cont'd)

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