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 Another clonky one, clonky oil on board (masonite sounds terrible!)

So, two years ago I saw a JoLoMo painting (mountains  + sea is a powerful subject - I also like Pam Carter - a lot (I don't careif if this sort of painting is too "popular" - I do like it - love it) on the Guardian newspaper -I  jumped to his site - it seemed so free and easy - gave me the desire to start painting again after a 17 year hiatus - content/subject IS important and his painting "Nighfall at Knapfell" spoke to me (can't find that particular one either, now - I seem to be cursed on the retrieval level!) - I started painting again that summer with the kids on holiday in Brittany and soon got right back into it. The internet had made such a difference in the intervening years - remember how it was before - just books, museums, galleries, magazines? I decided to spend a year just learning "technique" - from the net (thank you, America, for your generosity!) and by buying the recommended books - just do "learning" paintings - no pressure. Looking back, I think I should have concentrated on improving my drawing skills. Funny how all the blogs/sites there are devote so little space to drawing - posts on pigments/palettes are sooo popular. Drawing seems to be the "put off". Seems to me that the "secret" of drawing is  that it is "measuring" - and there's different ways of "measuring" (Rebecca Alzofon says she's going to release a DVD in 2011 - in the meantime visit the Carder method and Accurasee sites, read the start of the Deborah Rockman book on drawing + best sections of the Harold Speed 's "The Practice and Science of Drawing", check out Paul Foxton's blog, "Learning to See" and Rousar's sight-size site). I've learned a lot, worked hard, but just now have some major problems.... .... more later.

The following are all big - around 80 cm x 120 cm and are acylic and oil on panel, pre 1993

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