Most paintings are (intelligent) home decoration

A painting is a physical object (this is somewhat different to music and literature) - can easily be destroyed. And most pantings are going to be "lived with" - hung in a room = decoration - even if it can arouse emotion/thought (know the idea about the little boy that grew up to be a sailor?  - had a picture of a tall ship on his bedroom wall). Some go to be in museums and images circulate in other ways/media - that's where the "wow factor" images I was on about before have a place - they are are less good for this CONTEMPLATIVE use. Idea of painting being a means of expression = language = painting should have some sort of a ""narrative"". Hmmm? Well I can sit and look at my own feeble efforts for a long time (!!). On my wall at university I had two posters by Michel de Gallard - "L'hameau" (The hamlet) and "Toits d'ardoise" (Roofs of slate). How I love those paintings. Sad thing is the posters have been thrown out (arrgghh!). I'd love to make a copy of "L'hameau" - can't find it anywhere on the net - and Michel de Gallard died a few years ago. He'd have been pleased if he'd known the impression he left in my mind. So keep trucking, folks....


  1. Hi, I had a Michel de Gallard poster, around 1975, which I think they misnamed as "Grey Roofs of Slate". I found a part photo here.
    Also it is here:
    The valuation of the original is, sadly, somewhat beyond my budget.
    Regards, Eskimo_w

  2. Hi, Anonymous', - yep, I had "Roofs of Slate" and "L'hameau" (The Hamlet), there were also other paintings of his on coasters and little panels - my sister has one. I can't find my two (big) posters - which is sad - maybe been thrown out by accident?!?! I went in to the gallery of "La Presidence" years ago and the lovely lady really wanted me to buy one - but even a small one was the price of a second-hand car. That gallery still represents him. He died a few years back - one of my regrets is that I never wen to meet him. He sold in Japan and South Africe a lot, it would seem. I have a Japanese book of his paintings - I always loved the dreamlike atmosphere. Thanks for commenting

  3. I really like your take on the issue. I now have a clear idea on what this matter is all about..

  4. Hi - thanks - I wrote that years ago and still agree with it! Best wishes to you